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MAC M.A.C. for Sale Blogsale Blog Sale

See My feedbacks on Ebay and MUA and they are all 100% Positive


Prices inlcudes S&H (first class or media mail or parcel or priority depends on weight, etc) and Delivery Confirmation.

No GIFTED payments, No Haggling as my prices are very FAIR



I have over 150 NON-MAC Cosmetics, MakeUp brushes, BNIB & Opened for sale too, See my other ENTRIES :




MAC Crosswire BN No Box $13.00

MAC Myth BN No Box $13.00

MAC Creme Cup No Box $13.00

MAC Please Me BN No Box $13.00

MAC Snob BN No Box $$13.00

MAC Pink Nouveau BN No Box $13.00

MAC Girl about Town BN No Box $13.00

MAC Ravishing BNIB $14.00

MAC Hue BNIB $14.00

MAC Vegas Volt BN No Box $13.00 SOLD

MAC High Def LE, DC BNIB Rare $18.00

MAC Dressmaker, Dressmaker Lipstick BNIB LE, DC BNIB Rare $18.00

MAC Style Warriors Gold Rebel Lipgloss BNIB LE DC HTF $18.00

MAC Liberty of London Perennial High Style Lipgloss BNIB LE DC HTF $18.00

MAC Look in a Box Frisky Girl: beauty powder 10g pretty baby, well dressed powder blush in pot 6g, mercurial eye shadow 2.2g, nymphette lipglass 4.8g, and zoom fast black lash 8g BNIB $87.00 Value Limited Edition DC HTF $70.00

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW20 BNIB $16.00

MAC Cremeblend Blush Ladyblush Pro Pan Blush BNIB $16.00

MAC Powder Blush BUFF Pro Pan Blush BNIB Retails $16.00

MAC Sheertone Blush COYGIRL Pro Pan Blush BNIB $16.00

MAC Sheertone Blush Peachykeen Pro Pan Blush BNIB $16.00

MAC Well Dressed Pro Pan Blush BNIB $16.00

MAC Cream Colour Base Fawntastic BNIB $16.00

MAC Prep + Prime Finishing Powder BNIB $22.00

MAC Cleanse Off Oil 1fl. oz. & Revitalizing Energy Charged Water 1fl. oz. Both Brand New $12.00 each or $20.00 both

MAC To the Beach Creme Bronzer: Weekend Brand New in Box. Limited Edition, HTF $28.00

M.A.C EYE SHADOW TEMPTING EYE SHADOW X4 PALETTE: Next to Nothing (Frost) Tempting (Lustre) Sharp (Satin) Dark Edge (Satin)BNIB Limited Edition, D/C HTF $34.00

MAC Liberty of London Powder blush: Dirty Plum BNIB Limited Edition, D/C HTF $25.00 SOLD

MAC Blushbaby Blush in POT FORM BNIB $19.00SOLD

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft and Gentle BN No Box $26.00


MAC Pro Longwear NW25 Foundation No Box Used 1x 28.00

MAC Face and Body N2 Liquid Foundation 70-75% Left Retails $32.00 $22.00

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Lipstick: Unlimited Muted rose color 70% left $10.00

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium NO Box about 80% left with slight dip in top of dome $20.00

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus NO Box about 80% left $20.00

MAC Pink Swoon (Depotted) with it's original label, no glue on it as I got it all off, it is been used, I'd say safely 80% left $12.00

MAC Cream Colour Base Fawntastic No Box Used 1x $12.00

MAC Parfait Amour Frost Eyeshadow used 4-5x Pot Form No Box $10.00

MAC Pink Swoon Blush in Pot Form Used 3-4x No Box $16.00

MAC Melba Pro Pan Blush used 2x $14.00

MAC Blushbaby Pro Pan Blush used 2x $14.00





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Hi, are these still available: MAC Melba Pro Pan Blush used 2x $14.00 and MAC Blushbaby Pro Pan Blush used 2x $14.00? If so, what would be the price shipped to 75287?

28.00 shipped. All my prices includes Shipping

MAC Vegas Volt BN No Box $13.00

shipping to CA :]

ok, paid sorry it took me awhile had to pay off my cc. lmk when you ship & get the DC# thanks! :]

Did everything arrive as expected? Do you have an MUA account so I can leave you a token Mine is SweetMom528 Thanks and I hope everything is all good on your end :)

yes i did :] ty my mua account is xsiimplicityy off to leave you one now thnxs

I left you one too, Thank you for being my 1st sale ever on LJ have a good day

hi there! I'm interested in several of your items and was wondering if you're considering trades for anything other than what was listed in the 1st entry.

p.s. we live pretty close to each other as well! =]

I really rather stick to wishlist items only, I have a wishlist at MUA, I have too much MAC and only looking for two MAC items
Fix+ & Lip erase

Dressmaker dressmaker
Well dressed how much ship to 92120?

Would also love blushbaby
all blushes are pro pans right?

yes all are pro pans
cheapest I can do is with shipping included is $90.00 for all
if this ok then let me know before I invoice you.

Would u be willing to throw in girl about town? I can pay ASAP!! Plz lemme know :)

I cant do that as I paid 14.00 for that but I'd be willing to do 100.00 with girl about town or just 90 for rest, let me know which to invoice you and I can mail these tomorrow for you

Ok that works :) 100 total. Do u happen to Have a blush pro Palette do u??
I will be looking out for invoice :) tysm!

no sorry I dont but one advice dont get the magnetized one by coastal scents, as it dont fit right, I am sure you can find a used mac blush palette or you can get one at mac online store for I believe 15.00 they run alot of time free shipping for it....I would get on their email list or do a swap for one too.
I sent you an invoice all set and crossed out the ones you got so they are all yours, thanks :)

K sweetie,just paid u should get it ASAP :) I will be sure to leave u a token + Pos fb once I receive your package. I would really, really appreciate if you could do the same for me once u receive payment :) I don't have to many tokens yet so every one counts.

My mua is- MrsMACAddict

Thanks so much =]

I left you a token, thank you so much, I will ship it tomorrow and give you your DC

do you still have the paint pot samples that I see on your photobucket? Thanks

Yes i still have all three: Rollickin, Fresco rose & Moss Scape

Thanks, how much would it be for moss scape and rollickin to 33122?

i would rather do all three together and I would do 9.00 shipped

that's fine, I understand, please invoice that shipping includes dc right?

yes you are correct DC & First Class as I ship it thru my Seller acct on Ebay

Thanks, how much would it be for Moss Scape and Rollickin to 33122? Thanks

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